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Available Variations:

  • 12"X18" 100 pieces (Conquer in an afternoon)
  • 12"X18" 250 pieces (Revel over the weekend)
  • 18"X24" 250 pieces (Revel over the weekend)
  • 18"X24" 500 pieces (Embrace the challenge)

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About the Artwork:

This piece is an adaptation of ‘Indian Ocean’ through digital manipulation. The original work was inspired by the tranquil turquoise and azure surrounding the tropical island of Mauritius, but this was inspired by the diversity of the landscape within the island. A small region of the island has 7 colored sands formed by the cooling of the decomposed volcanic rock at different external temperatures. Although not an exact replication of the 7 colors (red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow), the earthy shades along with black reflect the dynamic nature of the process of volcanic cooling which formed Mauritius. I envision this piece bringing warmth to minimal interiors based on a black/dark green color palette.

Medium: Digital Adaptation of Indian Ocean.