I'm Isha Hans, the founder and artist behind PumBhirri, and a self-taught artist from the state of Punjab in India. ‘PumBhirri’ is a Punjabi word for spinning top, whose compelling traits resemble my artistic process. The motion of the spinning top is predictable on a general level, as governed by the laws of Physics, yet the exactness of its path is unpredictable and based on how it is being spun. Similarly, at the core of all my artworks is the journey they take from inception to the final outcome.


I start with a vision, often without attributing an image to it, and use just a few apparent elements that are potent in conveying that vision. So, if I want to create the sense of being underwater, I’ll leverage the shades of blue, wavy lines, textures and the vague form of a fish without actually drawing water or a fish. I believe that this allows the viewer to connect more deeply with my vision. They use the visual cues to construct an interpretation based on their memory and personal experiences and add a touch of themselves to each of these works. This process also opens up plural paths that the piece can take and there is something liberating about that! Each artwork is not only a journey of discovery for me, but also for the viewer. The interplay of ‘obvious’ and ‘imagined’ is what brings absolute joy to me as an artist and tingles the curiosity nerve of my audience!


The Artist, that's me!

I began painting when I was 9-years-old and have not stopped ever since. My formal training is in Architecture and UX Research/Design; but I’ve worn many different hats simultaneosuly, including that of a Visiting Assitant Professor and an Artist. My role as an architect has made me adept at working with technical, time-bound and meticulous frameworks; design gives me the foundation for solving problems creatively, teaching has helped open up my mind towards complex problems; and pursuing art has given me the channel to be spontaneous and unfiltered. Having these multiple identities has been liberating for me and it's no wonder that my artistic style has a simultaneous presence of geometry and abstraction. 

I continue to hone my passion for mixed media art along with my full time role as an Innovation Catalyst for Venture Building. Over the years my style has come to bear semblance with Cubism with the ‘contemplative’ ethos of post-impressionism. 

I draw inspiration from a variety of things, including my professional experiences in UX Research and Entrepreneurship, and my multi-cultural journey. I have lived in different parts of India, the tropical island of Mauritius and currently split my time between Canada and the United States. This nomadic lifestyle provides me a diverse perspective, one rooted in understanding people, their motivations and their environments. I draw on my changing surroundings and multidisciplinary identity to create emotive abstractions about our environment and experiences.