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Experience Art as Puzzle

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Experience Art as Puzzle

Experience Art as Puzzle

Art that engages you

Personalized Puzzle Experiences

Own and Explore the beautiful intricate artworks in puzzle form.

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Creative Process

I start with a vague vision of what I wish to convey and think about the bare minimum visual cues that might be relatively universal for it. For example if I want to create the sense of being underwater, I’ll leverage the shades of blue, wavy lines, textures and the vague form of a fish without actually drawing the water or a fish. I often ask my audience 'what do you see here?', and most often than not, these cues are enough to grasp the meaning. This stripping off anything other than necessary makes the viewers tap into their memory and experiences unconsciously in order to construct the holistic meaning. This interplay of 'obvious' and 'imagined' is as intriguing for my viewers as it is for me as a creator.

My creative process is underpinned by a contemplative process. Even after a work seems finished, I spend hours reflecting on its meaning and my own inspiration behind it.

Original Artworks

Original pieces in a variety of sizes and mediums

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