Indian Ocean

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Available Variations:

  • 12"X18" 100 pieces (piece size C)
  • 12"X18" 250 pieces (piece size A)

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About the Artwork:

In each of my artworks, the intended meaning is depicted through obvious, yet minimal, visual cues in the form of shapes, textures, or colors. I often ask my audience ‘What do you see here?’’. Most often than not, they understand the theme of the work without me explaining it. The beauty of this interaction is that in addition to my intended meaning, they add a wonderful new layer of interpretation based on THEIR unique perception. Unconsciously tapping into their memories and experiences, they lend a little bit of themselves to my artwork. This shared meaning helps me and my patrons connect on a deeper level. So dear patron, I invite you to first pause, think about what you see in this piece of work, add a bit of yourself to it, and then I offer you my vision as follows:

Shades of blue with interspersed white dots, isn’t that the first thing you notice? This piece was inspired by my time living on the tropical island of Mauritius. Stretching 58 km from north to south and 47 km from east to west, it is a tiny speck in the vast Indian Ocean but an island like no other. Its diversity of landscape includes dormant volcanoes, deep forests, white sand beaches and surrounding coral reefs on the shallow ocean floor. Mark Twain had said “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven was copied after Mauritius”. 

I remember standing on the cliff of Baie Du Cap Maconde, staring at the tranquil turquoise water as far as I could see, the azure blue sky and a seeming white line formed by the calming of harsh waves over the reefs. I remember feeling way tinier than this tiny speck in the Indian ocean. The emphasis on the shades of blue is a reminder of that simultaneous feeling of beauty and humility, humility that not only I must have as a very small part of the entire natural ecosystem, but also of the colonies of reefs that protect the island from storms and floods. The minimal hint of a sandy texture is an acknowledgment of the multifarious beauty of the island but a deliberate gesture of steering away from the limited vista of sitting on the beach ‘sipping a cocktail’.

Original Medium: Acrylic Paints, Markers and Pen on Paper.