Under Water

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Available Variations:

  • 12"X18" 100 piecesĀ (Conquer in an afternoon)
  • 12"X18" 250 piecesĀ (Revel over the weekend)
  • 18"X24" 250 piecesĀ (Revel over the weekend)
  • 18"X24" 500 piecesĀ (Embrace the challenge)

About original artwork:
This artwork holds a backstory intertwined with my personal journey. For the longest time, I grappled with discomfort in water, until I lived on the tropical island of Mauritius. Stretching 58 km from north to south and 47 km from east to west, Mauritius is a tiny speck in the vast Indian Ocean surrounded by coral reefs on all sides. This makes it a haven for aquatic adventures of all kinds. It was there that I mustered the courage to be underwater for the very first time. I breathed underwater for the first time to clear pool training for scuba diving. However, I couldnā€™t gather the courage to go into the ocean. Luckily, this initial experience led me to build some comfort, and a few days later, I successfully did an underwater Sea Walk in Belle Mare. Beneath the surface, I saw the rich marine life in crystal clear water, pulsating and dancing to the rhythm of the ocean. Despite the motion stirred by the undulations of waves above, the underwater life has a calming harmony. Months later, as I reminisced about my first underwater experience and the calm amidst the rhythmic motion of the water, this piece flowed naturally without conscious thought. This work has forever captured that feeling for me in a manner that would not have been possible if I had consciously tried to recreate it.

Medium: Mixed Media on Paper.