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Available Variations:

  • 12"X18" 100 pieces (piece size C)
  • 12"X18" 250 pieces (piece size A)
  • 18"X24" 250 pieces (piece size B)
  • 18"X24" 500 pieces (piece size A)
  • 24"X30" 750 pieces (piece size A)

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About the Artwork:

In each of my artworks, the intended meaning is depicted through obvious, yet minimal, visual cues in the form of shapes, textures, or colors. I often ask my audience ‘What do you see here?’’. Most often than not, they understand the theme of the work without me explaining it. The beauty of this interaction is that in addition to my intended meaning, they add a wonderful new layer of interpretation based on THEIR unique perception. Unconsciously tapping into their memories and experiences, they lend a little bit of themselves to my artwork. This shared meaning helps me and my patrons connect on a deeper level. So dear patron, I invite you to first pause, think about what you see in this piece of work, add a bit of yourself to it, and then I offer you my vision as follows:

A moon hidden by clouds, the dots flowing in soft curves like asteroid belts seen from a distance and combination shades of blue, yellow and gold, those are the obvious cues that point to a feeling of something celestial or in space. The rigidity of a mass of shapes is juxtaposed with the fluidity of the dots flowing in curves and the paint textures. Towards the right is a noticeable dark blue curve with the thick golden hue around that creates a sense of light coming from behind, as if the edge of a planet were illuminated by the light of the sun. However, in some instances, I have flipped a purely logical representation. For example, the moon hidden by clouds should technically be a lighter shade covered by clouds in a darker color; but it's a blue moon covered in golden clouds. Despite these creative liberties and the difficulty in describing all elements exactly, the beauty of this work is that all viewers get the sense of something ‘celestial’. 

This piece has a very special place for me, in my heart as well as in my artistic journey. I started this piece during a shoot (you might have identified from some of the photos on the home page); fulfilling my fancy of painting out in the open, with ample natural light, no walls or ceiling, under the sky surrounded by plants. The first few strokes and the color choices came without any specific thought ascribed to them. I went home and could not stop painting and evolving it, and only after it was done did I understand what I was painting. It was unconsciously influenced by what I had been reading, and watching, at the time about the idea of the universe. This is a pivotal example in my journey where creative interpretation is more a natural flow, a means to visualize my cumulative synthesis of what I’m learning, what I’m reading about, how I’m observing the world around me, or how I’m interacting with it. My ‘ post-Celestial’ journey has a greater element of this embedded subconscious interpretation.


Original Medium: Acrylic Paint and acrylic makers on Paper.