Big Bang

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Available Variations:

  • 12"X18" 100 pieces (piece size C)
  • 12"X18" 250 pieces (piece size A)
  • 18"X24" 250 pieces (piece size B)
  • 18"X24" 500 pieces  (piece size A)

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About the Artwork:

In each of my artworks, the intended meaning is depicted through obvious, yet minimal, visual cues in the form of shapes, textures, or colors. I often ask my audience "What do you see here?". Most often than not, they understand the theme of the work without me explaining it. The beauty of this interaction is that in addition to my intended meaning, they add a wonderful new layer of interpretation based on THEIR unique perception. Unconsciously tapping into their memories and experiences, they lend a little bit of themselves to my artwork. This shared meaning helps me and my patrons connect on a deeper level. So dear patron, I invite you to first pause, think about what you see in this piece of work, add a bit of yourself to it, and then I offer you my vision as follows:

The Big Bang, the theory for the cosmological event that led to the formation and expansion of the universe over a period of 13.77 billion years! The universe, as we know it, is still expanding, and has billions of galaxies, each with its own hundreds of billions of stars and planets. Furthermore, recent theories argue that our universe is just one of the countless universes, and to come to think of it, all of us on earth are less than a tiny speck in the grand scheme of the cosmos. Does that make you feel insignificant? When I watched the first episode of Cosmos in early 2018 (the one with Neil deGrasse Tyson), I certainly felt less than insignificant. But there’s something that Neil deGrasse Tyson said in one of his talks that stuck with me. From his point of view, we aren’t an insignificant part of the universe, because the 4 basic elements that are vital to life on earth: hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen, are also the top 4 chemically active atoms that form the universe. To quote him “While we live in the universe, the universe lives within us. We are special because we are the same.” This philosophical perspective on a scientific theory intrigues me deeply and makes me feel more connected to a grand scheme of things. This intriguing thought process is the basis of this artwork. The circles of varying sizes can therefore be simultaneously interpreted as stars and planets in a galaxy, or the atoms which form the basis of the entire universe. 

Fun fact about this piece: The colors in the original piece are red, yellow, and black and this variation is a digital adaptation. Personally, I find both the variations equally enthralling.


Original Medium: Pen on Paper.